If science doesn’t sound like the most exciting topic to think about on a sunny summer day, you might be surprised to find out how helpful and accessible science is on an everyday level. Read More.
In the spring we will release a new line of Seriously Safe Stainless® water bottles. Each one will feature and artistic rendition of one of the following critically endangered animals: Mountain Gorilla, Amur Leopard, South China Tiger and the Sumatran Elephant. A portion of the sales will be donated to non-profit animal conservation organizations. Read More.
New Wave Enviro is a proud partner of Healthy Child Healthy World and helped sponsor the 6th annual Mom on a Mission Awards and Gala October 29th 2014 at The London West Hollywood Read More.
Bottled water is not without chemicals, according to studies of European bottled waters carried out in Germany, Switzerland, Italy and France— one published in 2011 and the other in 2013 —by Martin Wagner, a scientist at Goethe University Frankfurt’s Department of Aquatic Ecotoxicology. “Bottled water had a higher contamination of chemicals than glass bottles,” he says. “There are many compounds... Read More.
Well now that we're done blushing, we're ready to high-five one of our newest brand ambassadors-- Health Designs ( They have muscles, humor and taste-- REALLY good taste! Check out their most recent staff pick video:   Read More.
Writing in the Daily Telegraph, Dr. Phil Hammond wonders whether we have all swallowed the “water con.” Have we, he asks, abandoned rational thought? The answer to this question, at least in terms of the way we purchase and consume bottled water, is emphatically yes. Consider the probability, in the U.S., that in the next few years bottled water will overtake carbonated soft drinks as the largest... Read More.
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MEDICAL COLLEGE OF WISCONSIN:Dr. Robert Morris and colleagues at the Medical College of Wisconsin concluded after examination of 10 previous studies on the cancer-causing abilities of chlorinated water: "There is a clear pattern between consumption of chlorinated water and rectal and bladder cancer."--Dr. Robert Morris Read More.
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While daily bathroom showers provide invigorating relief and a good cleansing for millions of Americans, they also can deliver a face full of potentially pathogenic bacteria, according to a surprising new University of Colorado at Boulder study. Read More.
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Chlorine destroys your intestinal flora and fauna. Soil based organisms, together with humic and fulvic acids, are an effective counter measure that will help restore your poisoned and damaged intestinal cultures. Read More.
Nearly two dozen units of the National Park System have instituted bans against the sale of disposable water bottles, a move proponents say will greatly reduce trash. For most parks, according to Public Employees for Environmental Responsibility, disposable plastic water bottles represent the biggest source of trash that parks must pay to haul away, averaging nearly one-third of all solid waste... Read More.