Alkaline Bottle:

The New Wave Enviro BPA Free Alkaline bottle with Stainless Steel Alkaline Water Wand raises the pH of your drinking water to 8.5+ in just minutes while reducing chlorine.


Alkaline Plus:

Enjoy an inexpensive, portable option for filtered water!

The Alkaline Plus Lead Removal Filter Pitcher removes chlorine, raises pH to 8.5-9.7 and now with lead removal!

Lead occurs in water supplies where lead pipes, fixtures, and solder have been used in home plumbing fixtures and city water delivery systems as well as where lead mining exists. No level of lead exposure is safe for children. Homes and water delivery systems built before 1986 affect the quantity of lead in water.

10 Stage Plus:

Get great tasting, healthy water for just pennies per gallon! Enviro Products’ patented 10 Stage Plus Water Filter delivers chlorine-free, odorless, great-tasting water at your kitchen sink. The space-saving, attractive countertop filter installs easily in seconds to any standard faucet* and allows you to easily change between tap water and filtered water as needed. Now with inorganic arsenic filtration!!

Red-Striped Porcelain Crock Water Dispenser

Same high quality, lead-free striped crock new look! Introducing our Red Striped Porcelain Crock. This hot new look will complement everything in your kitchen or anywhere in your home!

Water Dispensers